NFIRSonline - The Industry Standard Tool for NFIRS 5.0 Compliant Incident Reporting

Product support? You won't need product support when using NFRSonline. From the beginning we have designed your new reporting system to be easy and simple to use. No installations, no hassles. Everything is handled and updated from our central servers. All you have to do is log in, type out your incident report, and go.

But we want to make sure you are well taken care of. We recommend first reviewing our short list of frequently asked questions. If you have any aditional questions, please call us at 770.594.2500 or email


What happens when FEMA modifies the NFIRS reporting requirements?
FEMA sends us a notification of the new requirements and the date they are to become effective.  We modify a design template to accommodate these new requirements.  Then we simply refresh the design of the application on our servers on the effective date.  You do not have to do anything except continue to enter your incident data as you always have.

Can you covert our existing data?
Yes.  We can convert your incident data and import into NFIRSonline.  Simply send us the submission files you want us to import.

Why is no software installed on my computer?
The NFIRSonline application runs on our computers.  You access and use the application over the internet using Internet Explorer version 5.x or higher.  When you subscribe to NFIRSonline we set you up with your own site.  Once you connect to the internet, you enter the address of your site in the format,  You will be prompted for your user id and password.  Once entered, you can begin entering incident data.

What modules are available?
All modules are included in the basic package.  For an additional $100 per year you will also have access to the training module.

Our state has additional reporting requirements beyond those of FEMA. Can NFIRSonline be modified to meet these requirements for our state?
Yes.  NFIRSonline can be modified to meet your additional fire department’s needs.  There may be additional costs associated with these customizations.

Can more than one user from our fire department use NFIRSonline at the same time?
Yes! NFIRSonline is licensed per fire department and is a multi-user system. This means that any of your fire department personnel that you have authorized can access the system at the same time from any computer that has access to the internet.

How can we access the data for ad hoc reporting?
NFIRSonline has many reports built into its core functionality. However, you can also select a range of data that you want to access for ad hoc type reporting and NFIRSonline will send you an email containing a file with the selected data in Microsoft Access format.




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