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The following policy discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for this Web site. NFIRSonline reserves the right to amend this privacy policy from time to time.


NFIRSonline is a business-to-business professional service company with a primary target audience consisting of corporate computer users. This site is not calculated to attract minors or casual, non-business adult users. We collect information from users in two different ways, depending on the manner in which the user chooses to access our site:

  1. We collect the following information from all users who visit our site: each user's IP address, type of operating system, and type of browser software. The user's IP address may be used to determine the user's Internet Service Provider and general geographic location. We use this information internally to perform statistical analyses of collective characteristics and behavior, so we can measure overall visitor demographics and interests regarding the site, to identify the most popular pages and sections on our site and evaluate the effectiveness of our promotional activities. For example, we compile the aggregate data to gain information on the number of users who have seen and clicked on our Web advertisements and/or responded to print promotions. We will only share this information with outside parties (i.e., strategic allies, advertisers) in its aggregate form (i.e., as statistics), and not in a form that identifies individual users. The strategic allies with which we may share such statistical information include the insurance companies, security solutions providers and business consulting firms (including accounting companies) with which we work.

  2. For users who send us an e-mail message on the "Contact Us" link on our site via the info@NFIRSonline e-mail address, we also collect the user's e-mail address and any information contained in the user's e-mail message. We will use this information for purposes that include gathering individual marketing and sales information respecting the user and the user's company, sending advertising and promotional information about our goods and services to the user, contacting the user via mail, e-mail or telephone, and adding the user's information to one or more of our sales or marketing databases. The user may choose not to send us an e-mail message, but if the user so chooses, the user may not be able to receive certain of NFIRSonline's information or to participate in special campaigns.

We will not use any information that a user provides to us for any purpose that is unrelated to the purposes for which the information was collected. For example, we will not sell or provide the information to third party direct marketing companies that, in turn, sell their contact lists to others for a fee.

Users should be aware that when they click on a third party's links or ad banners that are resident on our site, they are likely to be directed to sites not operated by us. These sites may employ cookies and/or request voluntary disclosure of personal or corporate information. These outside sites likely have different privacy policies from those of NFIRSonline, and our privacy policy does not in any way address information gathered at these sites. NFIRSonline is not responsible for the privacy policies or other business practices of such sites and their owners, administrators or support providers. These include (but are not limited to) the sites of our strategic allies, affiliates, or any other third-party linked sites.

NOTE: NFIRSonline fully cooperates with law enforcement agencies in identifying those persons who use our network resources for illegal activities, and we reserve the right to lawfully release personally identifying information about users when we believe our resources are being used unlawfully, even without a subpoena, warrant or court order.


With regard to the e-mail address and any personally identifying information referenced in I.A.2. above, NFIRSonline utilizes an "opt-in" system respecting collection of such information. In other words, the user shall only have his or her e-mail address or personally identifying information collected, used or distributed by NFIRSonline as noted in I.A.2. above if the user sends an e-mail message to us. The e-mail link for "Contact Us" (see I.A.2. above) contains notices which advise the user that personal information is about to be gathered, and which notify the user that he or she gives consent for the uses of such information by submitting it via e-mail. If the user later chooses to withdraw or change information previously submitted, the user may also "opt out" by following the procedures to change or remove information outlined in part D below.


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