our service advantage

Resource Planning & Scheduling (RPS)

  • Real time - Automatically optimizes in seconds, not minutes or hours
  • Respond in real-time to planned or un-planned events
  • Offers cost-ranked appointment choices in real-time, either to the CSR or direct to customer over the web
  • Accurate ETA’s are continuously updated in real-time
  • Shift templates allows 1,000’s of techs to be tied to daily shift template profiles

Appointment Booking

  • Web Based Interaction for External Customers
  • Customized User Experience
  • Configurable Appointment Windows
  • Cost Based Presentation
  • Wed Services Based Configuration
  • Color Coded Display

Common Dispatch Interface (CDI)

  • 360 view provides central command
  • KPI’s and Alerts support both crew productivity and safety compliance
  • Easy to read integrated Street level routing provides current status of crew
  • Close shift (and re-open) locks orders in place and lock shift to new orders
  • Backup Dispatcher for Alerts
  • Different shift colors by state
  • Crew shift status (text) for color-blind and quick analysis of crews’ statuses
  • Continuous audible alerts

Mobile Communications Platform (MCP)

  • Targeted field ready device platforms – ruggedized, MIL-SPEC, HTML5
  • Asynchronous data flow ensures efficient crew allocation and productivity
  • Disconnected capabilities target out of range or rural territories
  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS technology enables screen design flexibility
  • Low-cost handhelds, including Android
  • Mobile mapping with driving directions
  • Digital content capture
  • Timed events
  • Panic button
  • Support for SMS-based work execution

iMerit Business Intelligence

  • World class analytics platform with OBIEE 11g
  • Integrated spatial functionality
  • End to end analytic workflow support with ability to drill back to source
  • Ready-to-use collection of pre-built reports
  • 6 dashboards with 66 reports